Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great Week!

What a great busy. Do you ever have times that time just speeds up? This week was like that for It's amazing how life goes when you are entirely in rhythm. You can barely even make a mistake. No kidding.
That's the power of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

Friday morning I THOUGHT I had an appointment at turned out it was at 11:30 and I had another set up at 1:00...leaving only an hour and a half for the first tour. I was a little concerned when I reallized I'd booked them a little too closely, then I thought "you're chanting two hours of daimoku a day...everything will work out". And it so happened that the first tour came early and the second was arranged easily for 15 minutes later and it all worked out great!

What are some of my other results from chanting recently?
I'm happier...calmer...less depressed.
I haven't felt anxiety in quite a while.
My Mom is doing so well!
She's getting healthier and happier every day.
My friends are chanting!
My boys are amazing ...more on them to come!
Business is great...I'm having a blast and being so productive!
I'm appreciating so many more moments in each day.

One of my closest friends is just glowing. We're chanting together every Sunday morning for two hours and when she is ready she will launch one of the most popular children's books of all time. Her relationship with her family is better than ever. She had many breakthroughs this week. That makes me so happy!!!!
What else...I had a breakthrough regarding a certain deep pain I've been chanting to release. I had a realization that is helping me on my way to healing it forever. I still have a certain refrain that goes through my head about it..."if only I hadn't...if I could just turn back time...if only I hadn't been so emotional..." and I'm getting so bored with this refrain. I'm really going to chant to replace these words with something empowering in my mind instead. I am determined to stop going down that road in my always makes me sad. Believe me, I know I should learn from my mistakes...and I have learned. There's really no reason to keep going to the same sorry place in my mind. I know that's not productive! It won't help anything. Voice be gone!!
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. I can chant for anything I want!

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