Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Buddha Land will Blossom all around YOU

It is true...we live in a world where suffering is everywhere...and many people don't know how to solve their own they lash out at others in anger.

I recently found myself face-to-Face with such a world....and I had a choice to make. Did I just want to say forget it...I really don't want to be responsible for turning poison into medicine right now? Well...I must admit, I was tempted. The people around me were so nasty to each other...I thought "I'll never be able to succeed here...before I know it there will be arrows in my back too."

And I was tempted to say "No thanks."

But I knew I was in the situation because of the prayers I had chanted...and I KNEW I could turn it around...because I AM a BUDDHA....and when I determine to change inside my own environment HAS to change to reflect my own inner human revolution. There is no doubt. It HAS to happen. We seem to be separate from our environment, but in fact we are as interconnected as can be. 

So what did I do? I greatly upped my level of daimoku...and reconnected with my real true desires in life. These desires weren't necessarily connected to the situation. As a matter of fact I focused my prayer on MY OWN HUMAN REVOLUTION. I chanted to change elevate my life condition so that my environment would change....I also chanted with passion for some other goals I have...and I mean with PASSION.  When you chant with Passion you move the world...I promise. 

This is not a passive practice! It takes guts, determination, fortitude, and a strong body....sometimes my back and lungs hurt... but that's what we have massage for! I regularly have a massage and I work out physically at least 4 days a week. And I never give up.

I am starting to see the situation change already...I have a new pep in my step...I am letting my light outshine the darkness. It is just like Nichiren Daishonin says: "If I end up in hell I will transform it to the land of tranquil light" (not an exact quote) but it is true! 

You are soooo powerful!!! Never give up!!!


  1. hi Jamie, do you have an email add that I can write to?


  2. Never giving up. :) I love my new life. :)

  3. Breathtaking to watch it happening!
    You teach by example as well as in words
    so precious in a mentor.