Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Another beautiful thing about being a Buddhist is you can celebrate any holiday you want to! 

Some years we have a Passover Seder...some years we celebrate Easter...and some years we do both. 

I was raised celebrating Easter...culturally. We got our Easter dresses and had an egg hunt and a family brunch. 

Today, on this holiday celebrating spring, we had a great time! 

My sister and her fiance, and my nephew and his girlfriend joined us along with Eli and we had a blast! 

Eli and I hid eggs filled with money and candy and my sister cooked a great meal at my house. Fun Fun Fun. 

And yesterday we went downtown and showed Eli Chicago and took him to some live jazz...

At every moment I am thinking how grateful I am to have the practice I have...the chanting I do brings me above any of the things that used to annoy me...and puts me constantly in the right place at the right having the email about free live jazz tickets come to me a few days before Eli arrived. NICE. 

We all watched the jazz and laughed together and just had a great time...every moment I am so appreciative...thank you life! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! I hope you are enjoying this day too!

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