Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chanting for Success on the Job!

If there is one thing I can say...and I'll say it LOUD and is the same thing that my mentor Daisaku Ikeda has said over and over...DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! Just don't give up!!!

I am always honest with you...I was not looking forward to this weekend. My sons are in LA with their father...on a vacation I would have been on, if I had not made the choice I did to choose this time to make a new life for myself. I had anticipated being really sad when my boys went away...and I was not with them...but I've been fine.

And, because I have been able to "tune in to my base camp", by chanting sincerely, this weekend has been really incredibly blissful! I bought a whole bunch of new clothes (that I really need for work - remember, I was quite a bit heavier the last time I was employed) - and I accomplished some major household initiatives....and now, I am sitting here listening to a lovely thunderstorm...thinking how great my life is.

Aaaaahhh...I have a cool new job....I'm dating and having fun. I am focusing on my prayer for the happiness of all is good! If I can do it so can you...
Your prayer is a VOW...not a request. Whatever you want....VOW to make it happen. It is a deep vow within your life, to your life and from your life!

I always chant to be an inspiration to those around me. I HAVE to succeed! I HAVE to be happy. There is no doubt about it!!! It is my VOW~****
This vow is a huge part of having success in practical Buddhism.
As in so many things ~ attitude is important!

You can do it!

I am chanting to expand my capacity in all grasp and remember all the new concepts and terms I am learning for my new that I can succeed and shine! and for the brightness of my own life to shine brighter than ever!
That is, of course what en~light~enment is all about!!!!

Go you!!!! Succeed~

How is it going? Let me know!!!!


  1. I am having trouble with the whole dating thing. Not ready, not sure how it all works, timid to get involved with anyone, afraid they will try and take over my new found life...

    Your insights would be appreciated. How have you done it so far? What have you learned?

  2. Just getting into the chanting - not even sure if I am doing it right - but it's funny - It just FEELS right to me. I can't really explain it - but when I chant I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be. It's a good feeling! Thanks for introducing me to chanting!