Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fabulous Mother's Day ~ Overflowing with Benefits

Baby Buddha (Heather) and her three Buddha Moms at the Chicago SGI Center

 My sweet YWD Shazara 
Ben, Aaron and me at dinner

I had the absolute best Mother's Day and I sincerely hope you did too. My life is overflowing with the benefits I receive through devoting myself to this practice.

I was out the door at 8:00am to go the the Chicago SGI Center and see our USA General Director, Danny Nagashima. It was one of the most beautiful SGI meetings I've ever attended. The Men's Jazz band was incredible, and several of President Ikeda's beautiful poems about mothers and women were read. Danny gave a talk about the SGI, Nichiren Daishonin and Daisaku Ikeda's views of women. The main theme was that world peace will arrive when women are appreciated and respected by all. He also said this November 18th will be a day of incredible significance when the new world headquarters of the SGI is completed in Tokyo and suggested we all keep a count of the days until then, and establish impossible goals for ourselves. 

For the other pictures:

It was Heather's last meeting in Chicago for awhile. She's moving to Colorado Springs. When Danny told us a new SGI center opened YESTERDAY in Colorado Springs Heather and I cried tears of joy. She is going to fulfill her mission for Kosen Rufu there. She's been my sweet "Baby Buddha" (her chosen nickname) for almost three years. She comes from a traditional orthodox Buddhist background that says you shouldn't desire anything. The idea that she could chant for what she wanted was a difficult one for her to grasp...but once she started chanting twice a day she really deepened her undertanding and began to chant sincerely for her desires. I can feel how strong her life is becoming. 

The other picture is me and 17 year-old Shazara. I've written about her amazing successes many times. She found me at a dark time in her life and is the picture of life and happiness right now, despite having some health issues this year. She brought me these beautiful flowers. 

I spent the whole afternoon with my son Ben who just got home from college yesterday, and we had dinner with Aaron who is about to leave for Bolivia as part of his medical school experience. It is my greatest honor and joy to be their mother. We ended the evening doing Gongyo together to Aaron's newly enshrined full-size Gohonzon. Nothing, nothing makes me happier than chanting with my Buddha Boys. 

My heart is overflowing with appreciation this mother's day. My life is overflowing with benefits. 
This practice absolutely works. I am happier than I ever dreamed possible, and you can be too. 
Just keep chanting and don't give up! 

I am sending love to all of you! 

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