Thursday, May 30, 2013

ROAR! Be Fearless and Bold in the Face of Your Obstacles

You and I are very similar. I am not a better Buddha than you. My prayers are not any more powerful. We are all Buddhas. I started this blog to use my life as an example for you - that anything is possible, so I use every moment to expand my capacity and show more and more actual proof. I know you are doing the same in your own sphere of influence, because that is one of the keys to becoming absolutely happy. We don't become happy just for ourselves, because absolute happiness just for ourselves isn't possible. We strive for the happiness of all beings, those we love and those we don't love. We are all interconnected. That is why this Buddhism is so powerful. We are all rising together in happiness, and you and me, we are Buddhas leading the way. 

You know I am writing the book 
The Buddha Zone, 
Power Prayers for Chanting Your Way to Absolute Happiness. 
This book is my life's dream - this book and the ones that will follow. I think the first book is the biggest challenge, don't you think? This is the book that forces me to believe in the power of my own life. This book is making the impossible possible in my life. I see you holding this book in your hands and saying "YES! I can't wait to share this passage with my mother, and friends, and fellow members." I imagine you saying "Now I really want to read more of President Ikeda's and Nichiren Daishonin's Writings, and I want to attend SGI meetings and really get involved. I am going to dig into this practice and change my karma once and for all. I KNOW I can do it!" 

That really is the point. If I can change my own karma, and stand up to my fundamental darkness and feelings of "Who am I to do this?" ~ you can accomplish anything too. 

So what do I do in the face of obstacles? I do the same thing you do. I study SGI publications. I encourage members. I chant. Here are some of the gems I've gleaned from my study lately. Check it out. 

At last night's meeting I pulled out an exam study guide for us to discuss and envision kosen-rufu. (I am really interested in hearing your thoughts on what you believe kosen-rufu looks like.) And this morning I want to share a passage with you. 

The following passage is from the 2011 Essentials of Nichiren Buddhism Exam, from President Ikeda's lecture on Nichiren Daishonin's Gosho "The Three Kinds of Treasure" page 32. 
It was written to Shijo Kingo. I call him the "everyman" of feudal Japan. He was a staunch follower of the Daishonin, a samurai who worked for a man called Lord Ema. In feudal Japan in the 1200s your lord was very powerful in your life. He was your source of income, your source of where you lived and could easily ruin everything for you. Lord Ema tried to get Shijo Kingo to give up his practice of Buddhism, and threatened to take away his lands if he didn't. Nichiren Daishonin instructed Shijo Kingo very carefully in many aspects of his life. He told him to be careful on the roads because fellow samurai were out to get him, he told him to be modest and keep his hot temper under control, he even told him "when you drink sake stay at home with your wife," and, of course, he told him to never stop chanting no matter what obstacles arose. Eventually Lord Ema fell sick, and Shijo Kingo was the powerful healer who cured him. Shijo Kingo achieved total victory in his life through this practice. We can learn from every one of the Gosho written to him. He is so much like us...working in the world...having obstacles arise, and continuing to chant no matter what. 

On page 32 Daisaku Ikeda states: 

"Another piece of advice Nichiren gave Shijo Kingo was to not be fawning or servile. Servility is tantamount to destroying one's own dignity or self-esteem. Even worse, behaving in a cowardly or servile manner toward devilish functions will prevent one's Buddhahood from shining forth.

"We must firmly stand up to devilish functions that bring misery to people. When confronted by people of dignity and integrity, devilish functions will always make a fast retreat. This is just like foxes fleeing when they hear the roar of the lion king, or like darkness vanishing the instant the sun comes out. 

"Let us live with unshakable confidence and pride, and without the least servility. The Daishonin repeatedly teaches his followers that is where the true brilliance of human dignity is found."

I just love the imagery in this piece. I love the thought of me, the Lion King, looking at the forest filled with all my obstacles...all my devilish functions that appear as people telling me I can't accomplish my dreams, or my own doubt and negative voice arising in my head, and opening my mouth and ROARING Nam-myoho-renge-kyo ~ and seeing my doubts and fears high-tailing it into the forest once again. I know they will be back, but I will roar again, and roar again and roar again! THAT is the beauty of this practice. ROAR with all the power in your soul and don't confuse obstacles for the truth. Be fueled, not fooled! 

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