Friday, May 31, 2013

The Twenty-First Century ~ The Century of Life

Lenticular clouds over Mt. Hood 
on Tuesday of this week.

In Conversations with Youth, Daisaku Ikeda writes of his hopes for this century. On Page 375 he addresses us all:

"This is your time. 

The future is in your hands. 

I hope you will make the twenty-first century wonderful. 

Please make it a century 
in which the life of each individual is cherished 
and respected to the utmost.

A Century 
without discrimination, 
without bullying, 
or murder. 

A Century in which 
no child cries from hunger, 
in which no mothers or children 
take their own lives in despair. 

A Century without environmental destruction.

A Century free of academic elitism, greed and materialism. 

A Century in which 
human rights are upheld as the most precious of treasures. 

A Century of true democracy, 
in which people hold corrupt political leaders to account.

A Century in which 
the people exercise sound judgement 
and pay no heed to misinformation spread in the media. 

I hope you will make it a Century in which each of your precious dreams comes true and your unique individuality blossoms to the fullest. 

To realize these goals, 
it is vital that each of you achieve victory, 
that each of you 
grow into people of philosophy and compassion, 
into people who possess both real ability 
and the sincerity to understand others' hearts. 

Your victory will be the victory of the twenty-first century. 

You are our only hope. 

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