Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Are the Buddha - Create a Powerful Practice

To create a Powerful Buddhist practice and a powerful life, remember that you are not chanting to something outside your are chanting to your very life itself...
and the life of the entire universe.  

Through chanting Daimoku 
you have the keys to access the power of the universe. There is no need to beg. 

There is a need to VOW, and DETERMINE...and to clearly tell your life that you want results from your chanting NOW!!!

That's the power of chanting Daimoku. And please, do not chant under your breath! Chant as if you mean it! You are speaking to the strong. Take deep breaths, remember to breathe. Breathe from your belly...feel the energy surging through your body. SIT UP STRAIGHT! Be STRONG! You're chanting! 

Chant strongly. Chant twice a day. Attend meetings. Study and teach others to the best of your ability. THAT is the formula for absolute happiness. If you're not happy strengthen your practice. You are the only one who can do this. 

I received a question about doing Gongyo. (Reciting from the Lotus Sutra)

When you do Gongyo you are speaking the Buddha's words. 

YOU ARE THE BUDDHA. I believe that is the purpose of doing gongyo...and it puts you in rhythm. It is very important, and once you know how to do's fun. 

Do Gongyo and Daimoku every single day - twice a day...and make your list of what you want...and go for it! Take action! You can't just chant, you must also take action. Buddhism is common sense. 

Make sure you are connecting to the SGI. It is the best way to become strong and happy! Go to the link at the right to get connected. Write me at if you have any questions or to share your experiences. 

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