Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

WHEN viewed through the eyes of Buddhism, everything has profound meaning. We must not lament our situations. As long as we have strong, courageous faith, we can definitely transform all hardships into something positive, turning poison into medicine. Please engrave these words of Nichiren Daishonin in your heart, and continue advancing resolutely forward, no matter what happens.

YOU do not normally receive your pay cheque at the end of your first day at work. The sapling you planted today is not a mighty oak. If our prayers were automatically answered; with no true, deep prayer on our part, without desperate life-to-death effort, we would become spoiled and useless. If that is how it works, our practice of Buddhism would not make us into people of outstanding character; it would destroy us.

WE are not alone and without friends. We can confidently overcome difficulties and turn everything into an impetus towards happiness. When one has a firm conviction of this, one will experience a sense of boundless courage; one will not be afraid of anything. Those who fear nothing are happy people.

IN any human relation, we must speak exactly as our conviction dictates, without a single cloud in our heart. That is a wonderful, invigorating way to live. And based on such a way of life, the bonds of the family, the bonds of comrades in faith are strengthened.

NO matter what sufferings or difficulties you may experience, you should never lose hope. Even if you may temporarily suffer from the devil of illness or financial difficulty, your heart should always be aglow with indestructible hope.

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