Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

THE power of daimoku is invincible. Through daimoku, there is no
situation we cannot change, no obstacle we cannot surmount, no battle
in kosen-rufu or in daily life we cannot win. As long as we possess
strong faith, we can, at every moment, turn wherever we are into a
Land of Tranquil Light.

THROUGH life-to-life encouragement in faith, we can polish our
character and deepen our faith. Through encouraging one another in
various ways, we can deepen our faith and secure a course along the
correct path in life. The way of faith is profound; you cannot
continue to walk it alone.

A single day of work for kosen-rufu rivals a year or even two years of
living without such a goal when one considers the worth of the golden
light it releases. That is because each day, each instant determines
to what extent our life will be filled with blessing and merit.

ESPECIALLY since Buddhism teaches the true path of humanity, in the
realm of Buddhism, there can be no excuse for such ingratitude as
scorning and trampling on those who have helped you, for thinking only
of yourself and not caring about anyone else. This is completely
divorced from the true path of humanity.

AS human beings, we are polished and forged in the great sea of
humanity. We are able to build a solid self through coming into
contact and interacting with all kinds of people, young and old alike.
It is the same in the realm of faith. We block off the path to our own
happiness if we succumb to selfish faith that is disconnected from the
SGI. That is what makes a harmoniously united organisation of faith so

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