Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PowerPrayer to Call in A True-Love-Soulmate Relationship!

Hello! Julia and I were reviewing all the wonderful PowerPrayers we've written for you for the book, and we realized we had not yet written one of the most important ones - finding true love! 

So we chanted about this during the long holiday weekend, and both came up with PowerPrayers for our phone meeting yesterday. From there we melded the one you see below. 

You know, Julia and I live very far apart. She lives in Northern California and I'm here outside of Chicago. It is the power of Daimoku and the PowerPrayers we wrote for success before we started writing this book that are fueling us in creating our offering for you!

To get the full benefit of a PowerPrayer chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with full faith in yourself. We offer these words as a guideline and suggestion.

PowerPrayer to call in a 
True-Love-Soulmate Relationship

Gohonzon, (my life itself!) 

I am ready to raise my life condition in every way 
so that I naturally attract to myself 
the best romantic partner/soul-mate for me at this time.
With each Daimoku I am strengthening my magnetism 
becoming more and more of my true self, 
revealing more and more of my inner and outer beauty, 
strengthening each element of my soul 
so that I am becoming the very best version of me, 
and the person my soul mate is longing to meet.

In the Infinity of Love where I am
all is perfect, whole and complete

Deep at the center of my being is an infinite well of love. 
I now allow this love to flow to the surface. 
It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, 
my very being, and radiates out of me in all directions. 
It is returning to me right now, multiplied...

The one I am seeking is seeking me. 

Each Daimoku brings us closer, 
physically, and also on a subtle level, 
so that when we connect, everything is very natural between us.
We find that we are in rhythm together, 
on the same wavelength about many things, 
share a sense of adventure, meaning and humor 
that is very well matched. 
There is a strong and natural physical attraction
and we are very comfortable with one another in every way. 
Our longing for one another is equally balanced
and we enjoy our togetherness and time apart equally. 
We bring out the best in one another, 
and are perfectly endowed to help one another grow
in ways that challenge us without fear. 
Our very lives have created each of us to be that special someone 
for the other person. 
We both recognize it immediately!
Here are the qualities I strengthen in myself right now in preparation

(i.e. Unlimited self esteem, contentment, capacity to receive and give adoration. Complete your own list below)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

And here are the qualities I desire in my soulmate:

thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

I release this in joy now 
and I’m excited to see continual actual proof of this prayer in my life. 

From this moment forward 
each daimoku is a thank-you!


  1. Where can I buy this book on Power Prayers?

  2. Wonderful.. Thank you

  3. Omg it really works❤

  4. Seeing results after just a few days. So exited to finally be falling in love with myself and creating true partnership through the connection with my twin flame. 💚

  5. Seeing results after just a few days. So excited to finally be falling in love with myself and creating true partnership through the connection with my twin flame. 💚

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