Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Comment to Share

I can't help myself...when I get cool comments like this I just have to share them. SO I am sharing another very encouraging comment with you! I spent so many hours yesterday writing...and I have so many hours ahead of me...and all kinds of Sansho Shima (Obstacles - in this case from the doubts and fears) are coming up. Who do I think I am...I'll never be able to do's way too hard...
But then there is the real me who thinks...I have worked and chanted all my life for this...I am ready...the world is ready...Oh Yes I can do this. Chanting for confidence...chanting for confidence!!! And see below:

Well, I have to agree with the other comment. It's a great idea for a book, and the world needs more books on this subject.

People who are searching for a practice such as this will inevitably find it. I, for example, stumbled across daimoku for the first time in a biography of Andy Kaufman (of all people!)

It was just a passing reference, but I instantly understood in far more detail than the book went into. I simply intuited a great deal about the practice - and then researched afterwards to confirm that I was right.

And this happened at precisely the right moment in my life too.

But it was all rather serendipitous. More books actually devoted to the subject will allow more people to find the practice more simply and directly. How cool is that?

I'd also add that you are the perfect candidate to write such a book. The real joy and enthusiasm you bring to this blog has proven to be a great encouragement to me throughout what are proving to be difficult times.

On occasion, I have checked your blog and found you have written precisely what I needed to read at exactly the moment I needed to read it - and it has kept me going. So thank you for that.

And I hope you can bring the level of inspiration you have to me to as many people as possible through your writing, both on this blog and in your books(s). I wish you nothing but success with this enterprise.

Good luck! 

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