Saturday, January 14, 2012

For my lovelorn friends

First of all, I want you to know that I know just how you feel. I KNOW what if feels like  - when you have such an intense longing to be with feels as if your heart is walking outside of your body in someone else's body, and that there is no hope for you until that person's heart returns to your own. Please believe me, with every fiber of my being, when I say I know just how you feel. 
You write to tell me "I've been chanting for him to come back into my life...why hasn't it happened?" and I think "I know...oh how I know...I know." 
And I can tell you to USE THIS PAIN to GROW YOUR LIFE. I mean, what else can you do really? If he is not coming back to you MUST use this feeling to create value. You are a Buddha!!! 

Chant harder than ever to become happy, and to raise your life condition...and change your karma. Make this vow in your life. Chant with this vow in your mind. Always remember you are not imploring some outside force to help are connecting to the power inside your life with your vow.

Remember that there are two kinds of benefits...the first is the kind you can see at this moment...conspicuous benefit. 

The second is very forms at the core of your life and grows and grown until one day you realize that a fundamental suffering is gone, gone, gone, and a deeper level of happiness has taken its place. 

You can use the suffering you are now feeling like logs on the fire to FUEL your growth....FUEL your happiness. One day, I promise you, you will be grateful for this pain, because your chanting will have a huge impact in your life in ways you probably can't see now.

Realize that this longing is the experiencing of living in the world of hunger...wanting...craving. And you, with the power of this practice,  can elevate your life condition PERMANENTLY so you no longer experience a life of craving. 

I understand. And I chant to raise my life condition. And I have many moments of serenity and happiness, and much fewer moments of the intense kind of longing you write me about. 

If I can elevate my life condition you can too! It starts with your determination and vow to be happy. It is something you have to BUILD for yourself, within your OWN LIFE. 

Today I chanted more than four hours to feel the kind of happiness that I can't even somehow blow my life open in ways I can't imagine right now...and to fuser my prayer with Daisaku Ikeda's vow for the happiness of all people. I chant my prayer to reach suffering people everywhere and let them know there is another way. There is another way. Just chant...start there....chant and chant and chant and you will see!

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