Monday, January 2, 2012

Powerful Determinations!!!!

Hello! Hello!

I finished three hours of Daimoku today, and feel as if I could go on chanting for a week....there is so much yet to uncover and change and grow and expand in my life....for the sake of my readers and for the sake of my family...district...students...everyone! 

In a few moments I'll be at the Gohonzon enshrining ceremony for the Ali family...

But I wanted to take a moment to talk about determinations. 

Determinations are NOT resolutions...they are NOT plaintive requests for something outside of yourself to deliver some "blessing" to you. 

Determinations are a VOW...a ROAR of the lion within you! A Roar for your life to respond to! 

Who are you making the determination to? 


You make the vow! 
Then you chant...chant...chant to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

I will give you some examples of my determinations...

I am determined to raise my life condition and do my own human revolution...I am determined to live a life of satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas of my my love work relationship with my body...
And I make these determinations because I know my life...and every paving the way for the rest of humanity to be happy and to achieve these goals. We are all interconnected in the web of life...when I raise my life condition it is a CAUSE for all of humanity's life condition to raise!
Likewise, I am determined to praise my life with the internal dialogue inside my head. I am determined to live each moment in gratitude for my health, my happiness, my family, my fellow members and blog readers, and all those who love me. 
I am determined to inspire millions of people through my blog and the books I write and the talks I want to give on Buddhism. I am determined to publish at least one book this year!
I am determined that I will live my life in a way that inspires every single person I meet to try this incredible practice for themselves!

These are my vows. These are determinations! 

Please make some for yourself and remember one of the secrets to true happiness that is unchanging and always works is this: 

Whenever you have a problem with anyone...anyone at all...the best and only way to solve the problem is to chant for their happiness! Picture them with a great big smile on their face and chant sincerely for their happiness. Even if you don't feel sincerity at first, THAT WILL CHANGE...just keep chanting. 

Soon you will absolutely change the situation. I guarantee this. It always works! 
How about making a major change in one of  your relationships by chanting for their happiness starting RIGHT NOW!!!! That's a great determination!!!!

Happy New Year!!!


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