Monday, January 30, 2012

What is Real Happiness? Please respond!

As you know I am writing a book about chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 
I am interested in knowing what Happiness means to you. 

We all know that the momentary gain of something we desire can bring momentary happiness...but we all also know that there is a deeper, richer happiness that we practitioners of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism possess. 

I am interested to know how you describe Happiness.

For me, it is knowing that no matter what happens I can draw the strength I need from my life to overcome any suffering. I also recognize - more and more - that the cause of my unhappiness or happiness exists within a single thought in my head. Sometimes my thoughts seem to be attacking me...other times they are calm and quiet, and I experience true peace of mind. Happiness for me seems to be knowing when those voices come (you know what I mean, the ones that say "why did you do that? You should have _______" fill in the blank. They are the voices that don't respect my Buddha Nature. 

In the last week I had a few days of not being able to sleep because I made a decision and immediately had negative functions arise in my thoughts...just yelling at me. Finally, after enough sleep and calm chanting I was able to back those voices down and say "enough - you voices are not real! What is real is my true self." and I began again to chant to PRAISE MY LIFE!!! It seems that suffering comes, in part from the feelings I get when I am not praising my life. 

Chanting to PRAISE YOUR LIFE is a deep, deep, prayer. It truly is the type of prayer that alleviates ALL suffering!

Please let me know your results and your thoughts!! 

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