Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOW! Life Changes quickly, doesn't it!


I have a huge new challenge and opportunity. I found out some news about my job on Monday that might have devastated a person who doesn't chant! It might have been a real blow to me except I have chanted sooo much Daimoku that I just know this is a benefit somehow. I'm now going to interview for a different position at the same company AND take a real leap of faith in another area. 

I have been reading and rereading an experience from a recent world tribune. In this expreience, the musician is chanting and struggling and calls up the agent of a huge club and says he wants to perform for the club. This is a huge leap of faith for him...and through each stage of his experience he chants to open his life more and more in front of the Gohonzon and to deepen the mentor disciple relationship so he can further the cause of Kosen Rufu. He gets the gig...finds the other performers...records the show using his credit card blank checks and the whole thing goes golden. Thirteen CDs later he has been having the career of his dreams and living out his goal of showing actual proof of this practice. 

Well, I decided to take a similar leap. Last week I was focusing my chanting once more on writing and publishing books that will reach many people to tell them about this wonderful practice. 

There are so many books and ebooks I want to write...and speeches I look forward to making and shows I want to be interviewed on and conferences I'd love to be invited to...oh the list goes on...all for Kosen Rufu and to help people be HAPPY!  

While chanting,  I was inspired to google "Agents looking for transformational authors" and I found out about a conference next week in New York city where writers will be able to pitch their book ideas to 60 agents during a three hour period...and after the changes at my workplace occurred I decided "The Time is Now~!!!!" And I'm going to New York!!!! 

I will be chanting and preparing and bolstering my confidence in every way between now and then. I am certain that the time for Kosen Rufu is NOW...and that people are ready to hear about this great practice. My goal is to connect people to the Soka Gakkai and President Ikeda and help them to achieve their happiness...just as I and so many of you wonderful readers, and members all over the world are realizing theirs...and help others to become happy...and FIRE UP Kosen Rufu! Woohoo!!!

And my word for you today is STUDY!!!! Read the World Tribune, or your local SGI paper....absorb President Ikeda's words with your life. Read the Gosho with your life. Feel as if Nichiren Daishonin is addressing each letter to YOU personally...because he is! your life more and more and more and chant chant chant chant!!!!!

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