Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Dreams are COMING TRUE! and so can YOURS!!!


I just got back from the Writer's Digest Writer's Conference in New York City. 

It was amazing. 

Some of you know that it has been my dream to publish many best selling books about this incredible form of Buddhism. I envision my life as a sought-after speaker on this topic...and being able to reach people who really want to hear this message. I want to teach people how to chant, help them connect with the SGI, and help them become happier than they ever dreamed possible!

You may remember that it took me until I was 25 to find this practice, and that I searched for it everywhere until I found it. I KNEW a solution to my problems HAD to exist! And it does! 

My dream is to reach everyone who is suffering...everyone who has not yet found a solution to their problems...everyone who has people around them who are suffering....everyone who longs for real, true happiness in their lives and in the lives of others!!!

Well, I am getting there! It's so close! I learned so much! I met so many fantastic people!

Remember a few weeks ago...when I was chanting hours and hours a day to rid my life of a recurring sadness?  I chanted to free myself FOREVER from these feelings of longing, otherwise known as the world of hunger. 

I began focusing on the books I want to write. I chanted with the deepest vow within my own life for the wisdom to know what to do next. In the middle of a long Daimoku Tozo (chanting session) suddenly I had the thought "Google 'agents looking for transformational authors!'" I did just that, and found out about the Conference in New York City. It featured a "Pitch Slam". It was an opportunity to get in front of numerous agents looking for new writers.  I decided to go for it. I booked the flights and the hotel and the conference in a real leap of faith. 

And it was one of the best things I've ever done. I feel so close...this close... to actually being able to reach millions through my writing about this practice. I chanted to be in the right place at the right meet exactly the right people who could see the vision in the work I want to do...and to encounter people who could share my passion and help bring my works to life. 

I chanted for my future readers...for the lives of those I want to touch, and for you, my blog readers who will buy this book for yourselves and for the people you love. 

All of my prayers unfolded before my eyes. I met incredible people, and I'm taking the next steps to a finished book. 

I even found a cool title for it. What do you think? 
Chant Your Way to Happiness...
30 days to a brand new you!
It may change, but I'm happy with it for right now. 
What do you think? Would you buy it for yourself? Would you buy it for your friends? 

Stay tuned. This is a huge dream for me. This is making the impossible possible. That's why we chant isn't it? First we become happy...then we shoot for the impossible! 

In the last of the speeches today, the speaker talked about all the people waiting for our books. I sat there thinking about the person who has no hope, the person who is bullied at school, the person who can't stand up for themselves, and I thought "NOW is the time!" 

Move swiftly in the direction of your dreams! 

How about you? What is your impossible dream?  Write out the vision of how you want it to be...not how it is...and keep chanting...keep chanting...keep chanting. And let me hear from you with questions, comments, anything!!! Sending much love, Jamie 

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  1. Great idea for a book and I even love the suggested title!! We need more books on this Buddhism out there for those who are searching. Best of luck to you.