Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pushing Through! One Breakthrough After another!

We must always keep our lives advancing...moving step after matter WHAT.

 I recently had a huge breakthrough in terms of clearing something that had been weighing on my mind, and changing patterns (karma) that no longer served me. I succeeded.
I used the power of my emotions and daimoku to decide what I needed to change. Then I chanted,  made my strong determination to never again let this particular situaiton bring me pain. And I and changed something that had been bothering me for my whole life. Without going into detail ... I will say that No MATTER WHAT YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM....NO MATTER WHAT!  You can change it if you persevere. Keep on Keeping on! Keep chanting no matter what.

Then......after having a breakthrough

                                                       ...guess what happens?

Suddenly the NEXT MOST IMPOSSIBLE  (and most important) ISSUE  looms up and I know it is the next karma/pattern/suffering for me to transform and break through.

At first it looks and feels impossible!

But I know, that in order to keep inspiring YOU, and my members, I must keep advancing.

With this Gohonzon, with my determination, heart, intelligence and deep sense of mission to help people who are suffering, ANYTHING is possible. I have been reading The New Human Revolution. It is amazing. Volume 20 is blowing me away. In it Shinichi Yamamoto (Daisaku Ikeda's pen name for himse;f so that he can write the novel in third person, and not in first person having to say "me" and "I" all the time, does the coolest thing ever.

You know he went throught World War II in Japan. He saw his mother change forever on the day she got the notice that her older son (Shinishi's brother) had been killed in the war. He saw a lot of suffering and he became deeply determined to erase war from this planet's landscape. He has devoted his entire life to creating a culture of Peace, through Educational a Cultural exchanges.

He first set his sights on China and Japanese relations. They had fought on opposite sides during WWII. He got an invitation from the Government. While there he was touring a school and the children showed him the bomb shelter they were going to be living in after Russia attacked. Shinishi's heart went out to all of them and he said to himself (and I paraphrase) "WOW , I must go to Russia to see if this is true, and do whatever I can to stop it if it is."

So he got an official state invitation from Russia (I am simplifying here) In Russia he asked the leaders there if they planned on attacking China. They said absolutely not. So he went back to China to let them know....and dissipated the tension.

 Isn't that brilliant?

 What one person can do....

So inspiring. I am chanting to have President Ikeda's spirit be present in everything I do. He is not a God, only a person, a Buddha like me. The oneness fo Mentor and Disciple is a profound Buddhist Principle. President Ikeda speaks of his beloved mentor Josei Toda every single day...and lives to affirm the correct actions Josei Toda took in establishing the foundation of The Soka Gakkai (Value Creating Society)and building the platform from which world-wide Kosen Rufu can be built.

Kosen Rufu (World peace) is based on each and every person building a strong, unshakable sense of self that is not swayed by defeat, by censure, by blame, by failure...but continues to tise, day by day...and that through each person's HUMAN REVOLUTION that a society borne of peace, happiness, true self and purity can be born. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! That is what I am doing and what YOU are doing. We are noble and pure Buddhas!

Today I am writing all the things I am grateful for in my journal. I am writing forth a Rampage of Appreciation for all things goood and great and magnificent in my life!!! This brings more great things into being.

I am thinking of you and chanting for you. Let me hear from you please! I love your emails and comments.

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