Monday, November 11, 2013

A Genuinely Happy Person Brings Happiness to those around them....

What is happiness after all?  It comes from within, right? Happiness is something we have to BUILD for ourselves. It comes from our chanting consistently for strength, happiness, and to deepen our faith. And when we are happy we naturally want to brighten other's days. We actually can't stop ourselves from brightening other's days when we are genuinely happy. 
This is my Favorite Quote on Happiness by Sensei: 


by Daisaku Ikeda

The purpose of life is to attain happiness.
Happiness is something you have to feel inside.
It is something you have to 
 for yourself.
It is something that lives within you.
That is why the state of your inner realm, your life,
is so crucial to your being happy.
Happiness is not in some far off place.
Happiness exists within your own life.
It is within a single thought in your mind.
You, yourself are the most precious of all.
You have no need to be envious of anyone
or to long for things far away.
Faith and one's single minded desire
to achieve Kosen Rufu (world peace)
are what makes this self of yours shine its brightest
and develop its highest potential;
they are what fill you with good fortune,
satisfaction and eternal joy.
This is the essence of true happiness,
A palace exists within your own life.
When you open that palace
you can be happy wherever you are.

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