Monday, December 30, 2013

7 Power-full Questions for Reflecting on 2013 and Launching 2014

Challenging the Future...the time is NOW! 

I just finished my hour of Daimoku, (chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) with my phone turned off, concentrating on how to make the writings surrounding the New Year as meaningful and powerful as possible. 

I write the New Year in. I use words to focus on what I learned the previous year, and what I will launch in the year to come. Today I am sharing with you some of the thought processes that you may like to use to launch your powerful year. 

As I mention frequently, these are my thoughts and my methods. They do not reflect any official Buddhist stance or opinion and are not guidelines of the SGI. They are thoughts I share personally with you, as a fellow practitioner in this glorious practice. 

Reflecting on 2013, 
and launching 2014. 

This are the writings and lists I will create:

For 2013 ~ 

1. What, and who, am I grateful for in 2013? 
2. How can I express that gratitude in meaningful ways? ~         What concrete actions will I take? 
3. What am I proud of? 
4. What do I wish I had done differently? 
5. What have I learned? 
6. What is still "in the works" and what will I redetermine for 
7. What will I leave behind in this year? Are there habits I no longer want to have? Negative tendencies I am committed to changing? 

For 2014 

1. How can I dream bigger and brighter than ever before? This week I make my list for the New Year, and for the next 10 years. 
2. What do I need to focus on, in my Daimoku, and in my life, to be more productive, more happy, more of an asset to others than ever before? 
3. What else can I do, in my prayer and actions, to welcome in the week ahead...the New the highest possible life condition so that this year is the best year of my life. 
4. Who can I encourage? And what actions do I need to take to encourage them? How can I chant the most powerfully, and take the wisest actions for the happiness of every member of my SGI district? 
5. What PowerPrayer can I write that will encompass my fresh determination and vow for the New year. 
6. What words of Daisaku Ikeda will I engrave in my life as a guiding light for this year? 
7. What new positive habits will I establish as I go about starting my new job and changing the rhythm of my life? (Some people call these habits resolutions - I prefer to think of them as guidelines) 

I know there are more...and this list will grow...

How do you begin the New year powerfully? 
Do you have any thoughts to share with the readers of Email me at 

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