Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year with Fresh Determinations!

The sun has given us an exclamation point to start our day! 

We are about to usher in the mid teens of this century, what will we each create in our lives? What will our determinations be? I'm on vacation right now, so will be writing brief posts for a few days. Please feel free to browse through the previous posts to find more. 

As Nichiren Daishonin says in the New Year's Gosho that we have studied every year since 1985 when I began chanting: :

"A person who celebrates this day will accumulate virtue and be loved by all, just as the moon becomes full gradually, moving from west to east, and as the sun shines more brightly, traveling from east to west." WND

So every year I celebrate the New Year in many ways. I write my evaluation of the previous year. I write the highlights and the challenges and what I learned. Many years I write a poem to sum up the year. 

Then I get to the really fun part of bringing in the new year. I make my list. In 1993 when I was practicing with Danny Nagashima in San Francisco he told us his list had over 200 things on it for the year. So I challenged myself to write a list with over 200 goals for the year. THAT was a truly memorable year. 

The list is not only a list of is also a list of who I want to be, how I want to feel, what I want to release and what I will bring into my life. It is a list of declarations. As I mentioned, I am on vacation through the next week and will have plenty of time to write. I am looking forward to this process! 

Enjoy making your lists! You are a Buddha! Dream Big!!! 

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