Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Mood-Lifting, Doubt-Busting Power-Prayer!

Recently I've changed the way I chant. Now I totally turn off my phone (Yes!) and I never leave my chair until I have chanted all my Daimoku (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) and finished Gongyo. (Morning and evening chanting - the recitation of parts of the Lotus Sutra). 
I keep my focus on the Gohonzon (scroll that represents the power of my life itself) as much as possible, although I do occasionally write something down that I want to share with you. And when I get to the prayers at the end, I take my time. I really concentrate on what they are saying and FEEL the gratitude in each prayer. 

And today, I just woke up out of sorts. As my friend in the UK would say "In the glums." (Hi Morag!) And this morning a fellow member came over and chanted an hour with me, and I still felt a bit impatient and agitated. 

Christmas is this week, and it is really, really cold here. It is 2 degrees as I write this. Bitter cold. Scary cold. Many people are also feeling some holiday stress. During the last few days before the holiday emotions get a bit magnified. Traffic gets snarled. Lines at stores can be long. People are rushing to have gifts bought and wrapped. And, of course, many of us think back to Christmases in the past, and loved ones who are no longer with us. 

Today I went out and did some last minute errands and still felt this agitation. So this evening I sat down to chant a really powerful hour of Daimoku. 

During this Daimoku I had the following prayers in my head.
Read this before chanting and enjoy your Nam-myoho-renge-kyo! (Please do not copy and paste this prayer, but feel free to share the blog's address:

Holiday Mood-Lifting ~ Doubt-Busting PowerPrayer!

I am determined that for my prayer 
to be as expansive as the entire universe...
for the power of my Daimoku 
to reach into the heart of every single person 
who is feeling like I feel right now, 
and for their hearts to be lightened. 
I chant for every person in front of their Gohonzons 
to chant the most powerful prayer 
and to really connect with their lives. 
I chant for every single reader of this blog, 
and every member of the SGI, 
and all those who don't practice. 
I chant for everyone who is seeking this practice to find it, 
as I did, almost 30 years ago. 
I now rip every thread of self pity and doubt out of my life.
Make my life 
and the power of my prayer 
as expansive as the entire universe. 
Let my prayer's energy uplift everyone who is suffering. 
And I chant for everyone who is chanting to shed their doubts and strengthen their determination and happiness too. 

And Wow do I feel great! Here's to you! Here's to the strength of your practice and to your happiness!

I want to make it clear that this blog is written by me, Jamie Lee Silver, and I have been practicing with the incredible SGI organization since the fall of 1985. My mentor in life is Daisaku Ikeda. Every day I chant to realize his dream for kosen-rufu, a world of respect and peace for all. I am a District Leader in the SGI and devote much of my time to chanting with members everywhere. Every blogpost is my own interpretation of this practice and is not an official representation of the Soka Gakkai Organization. It's personal. This blog came from my determination to change my karma, and to be an example for others that the impossible is possible. If I can alleviate depression and anxiety, lose 70 pounds, and live almost every moment with no fear - then ANYONE can do it. I am not special.
 I am devoted to revealing the power inherent in my life through this practice.
 I have found that practicing within the embrace of the Soka Gakkai is the only way to go. I cherish my leaders and my members and all my friends in faith. I wholeheartedly encourage you to connect with your friends in faith through the SGI. You can click on the portal to the right to find your local organization. Or email me at and I can help you connect with the SGI
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  1. Thank you again. I must have received yoir prayers this morning since I haven't been able to chant for more than 15 mins in the morning for a while. I'm always speechless to see all you do, write and convey to all of us through your blog.