Thursday, February 13, 2014

Put Down Our Phones ~ Bring Forth Our Buddhahood!

"From this moment forth" ~ "Hon Nim Myo" ~ Such a powerful phrase. Every moment we begin again!

This morning I left my phone in the bedroom while I chanted. I chanted an unbroken hour and it was a wonderful time of communing with my highest self. As I was chanting I was very aware that I have slowly let my phone creep back into my practice...always beside me as I chant. 

Many things occurred in my mind this morning. "I wonder what the weather is going to be like? I wonder what's on my schedule after work? Did any men ask me out? Do I have any emails?" And I could feel how the habit of continually checking my phone has eroded my time in front of the Gohonzon in deep prayer. 

Every time my mind wandered in this way I brought is back to my REAL desires. I focused on the prayer to bring Bonten and Taishaku and the Sun, Moon and stars into my life and all the Gakkai members - dispelling any negativity. I focused on changing my karma regarding relationships and renewing my focus on the health of my body. 

I brought my mind back to my real prayers, my real desires, not my "wondering, wandering mind" that seeps into my thoughts sometimes. I chanted to raise my life condition to see through the eyes of the Buddha, hear through the ears of the Buddha and have the discerning mind of the Buddha. 

It was refreshing not to have my phone near.

I know I'm not alone in this challenge! I know there are many of us tethered to our phones and devices for various reasons. I challenge all of us ~ including me ~  to once again put down our electronics, stop the noise in our heads, and deeply, deeply focus on our real prayers! 

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  1. yes keeping electronics at distance is good for good pracice.but who listens?