Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today's Guidance from Daisaku Ikeda

22nd February
Sent from reader Nalina Prakash

TO put in practical terms, 
through faith in the Mystic Law, 
one can change a life shrouded in darkness 
into a life of hope, value and harmony. 
In this way, one can enter the eternal path of life 
that is filled with the greatest virtue and blessings. 
This is what our Buddhist practice 
enables us to accomplish.

ANY difficult problem or suffering 
can be solved with faith. 
If your faith becomes weak, 
then suffering will turn into complaint and criticism, and you will destroy the source of benefit in your life.
Faith gives rise to a life of the highest value 
and greatest satisfaction. 
Never forget the importance of the word "faith" 
as you build a life of total fulfillment 
which is overflowing with benefit.

DIALOGUE and action - 
it is important that these be employed simultaneously. We take action while holding discussions 
and discuss things while taking action. 
Herein lies the strength of the SGI's tradition.

BY pointing out to someone that his/her actions 
are inflicting suffering and hurt on others, 
we can urge that person 
to move in a more positive direction. 
Our honesty, in fact can open the way 
for forging deep bonds of genuine friendship 
with that person. 
In other words, it is quite possible for a "bad" friend 
to become a "good" friend.

ALL of you who are striving earnestly for kosen-rufu 
are infinitely noble and respect~worthy. 
In a letter to one of his disciples, 
Nichiren Daishonin revealed 
the following important principle, 
"Since the Law is wonderful, 
the person is worthy of respect; 
since the person is worthy of respect, 
the land is sacred". (WND, p1097) 
Greatness is not a matter of wealth or social status. Truly noble are those who uphold the supreme Law; 
and any places where they dwell 
is automatically the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light that has existed for all time.

Daisaku Ikeda

I am chanting for us all to have a day of total victory in which we deepen our faith, show actual proof, and are the shining lights in the darkness. This blog is written by Jamie Lee Silver and is not an official SGI publication. I love the SGI, and seek to connect all readers with our wonderful movement for Peace, Culture and Education. Click on the SGI link at the top right to find out more. 

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