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Why We Chant ~ Add Your Voice...

We chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo...meaning "I fuse my life with the mystic law of cause and effect through sound vibration," or "I am one with the rhythm of life." With this intonation we tap into the power that has always been within our lives, and we direct that power in the direction we choose. We use this vibration to overcome problems and realize the type of happiness that is not determined by outside circumstances, but is generated withn. When we chant we FEEL the change in our lives. Chanting is can be explained, but we have to actually DO it to experience its power. Here are some fresh insights from I write from my own heart...not representing the SGI, but loving the SGI. 

I've added "Why We Chant" submissions from readers at the bottom! Send yours to to be published here. 

Why We Chant
by Jamie Lee Silver 
from the blog

We chant because we can feel it. 
The moment we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
our lives respond. 
We chant because we see and feel the benefits of chanting. 
When we chant, our lives, our feelings, 
our circumstances, and those around us change. 
We chant because we have seen the results of chanting, 
and know that we can win over our own weaknesses by chanting...and that by winning over our own weaknesses we create unshakable, authentic, absolute happiness that is not self determined, not ruled by our circumstances.
We chant because we see others Buddhists who have won over great difficulties, and we can feel their energy, see their shining lives, and we believe (or hope) "If they can do it, so can I!"
We chant because when we chant for others we see the effects in their lives. 
We chant because when we introduce others to chanting they are able to change their own lives and become happy...what could be better than that? 
We chant because we are part of the Soka Gakkai, the organization made up of regular people who are dedicating their lives to ushering in the new age of happiness, energy, education, culture and peace for our planet. 
We chant because we have goals and dreams...hopes for the future...hopes for today... and we KNOW we can make them come true. 
We chant because we know we can make the impossible possible. 
We chant because we KNOW that our potential is important and we can feel our own life force becoming stronger and stronger every day. 
We chant because we have Daisaku Ikeda, a mentor we respect...whose life pulses with purpose and direction...whose life we connect to, whose words we study, whose heart we share. 
We chant because we ALL desire a world free of misery and hopelessness.
We chant because we have awakened to our missions as Bodhisattvas of the Earth, and we are fulfilling our VOW. 
We chant because we read or watch the news and we know that all change comes from our own human revolution, our actions and our ichinen (will put into action)
We chant because we love. 
We chant because we struggle. 
We chant to release ourselves from painful emotions
We chant because we CAN!  

Submissions from readers: 
From Niketa Sharma: 

We chant ...because we feel a positive strength in ourselves while we chant.
We chant ... because we feel connected to ourselves deeply.
We we can accumulate our whole power and create good and noble cause...achieve Buddha's (our own) dreams.
We we can reveal our buddha nature..buddha's wisdom.
We we can get that much wisdom that we can get correct decision at each and every moment of life..
We chant because we can..

And from Jaka Rey: 

I chant for all the reason u mentioned and because every time I open my Gohonzon I smile.
I chant for the transformation that is taking place in my life.
I chant for strength and to totally understand the connectivity of all that I cannot understand 
(individuals in my life who I cannot relate to). 
I chant for resolve and victory so that I can live life fully and do what I can to the planet to do.

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