Friday, February 28, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

THE true stage of your Buddhist practice and action for kosen-rufu is
none other than your place of work, your community, or in short, the
place where you exist right now. Please have deep conviction that
right here is the place where you must exert yourself for the sake of
kosen-rufu and for your own enlightenment.

YOU must never be defeated by the struggles that confront you. You
must never retreat. You must never be daunted. Your daily activities
to make your faith manifest itself in your lives will become solid
roots for your victory and happiness over the three existences.

WITHOUT the world of intellect that education opens, religion and
faith are in danger of becoming blind. But with the light of intellect
produced by education, the spirit of religion also shines with a
brighter light.

WHEN we interact with others with true sincerity, the other person
will more often than not come to respect and value our own character.
And this is all the more so when our actions are based on prayer.
Conversely, holding others in contempt only leads to being held in
contempt oneself. One whose life is tainted by feelings of hate
towards others will come to be reviled by others.

CULTIVATING harmonious relations with and winning the support of
people of diverse characters and persuasions are part of our Buddhist
practice. This is a necessary pre-condition for the organisation to
move forward as a while and for our own individual development and
growth. It also enables us to forge a solid self-identity so that we
can confidently meet and talk with all kinds of people.

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