Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mindblowing PowerPrayer to Master Your Mind in the Past and the Present

WOW, chanting to Master my Mind is having a profound affect on my life. 

I feel like I'm starting my practice I chant my mind is being flooded with ideas, inspiration and I pray even more deeply. 

When I start chanting I don't even look at the clock until at least 15 minutes has passed, but it feels like about three minutes. I see and feel the effects of the prayer every day. All day I am in the right place at the right time. I am calm. I am thinking before I speak (gasp) most of the time. And I am unafraid...even as I walk into new territory.

Here is my latest

PowerPrayer for Mastering Your Mind
by Jamie Lee Silver of

As I am chanting I am mastering my mind! 

As I master my mind I show even more proof of the power of the law and do shakubuku! 

As I am chanting, 
I am going back through 30 years of Daimoku
(you fill in number of years of your practice here____) 
and infusing every single Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
with the prayer to master my mind. 

With every Daimoku 
I feel my prayer and my muscle of faith strengthening! 

As I master my mind
I see the power of the this prayer
reflected in my environment

I infuse my life with wisdom, courage, and certainty.

I am level headed. 
I think before I speak. 
I am able to check my emotions whenever I desire. 
I gain the strength of memory!

I express myself efficiently, accurately and expediently. 

As I am mastering my mind I feel the currents of my immeasurable power flowing through me like never before! 

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  1. hi..I recently started chanting but I think I am unable follow a routine due to my personal and professional committments . I try chant whenever possible like while travelling to work or whenever I get some space..will my chants be effective