Friday, February 27, 2015

Win Win Win Win Win !!!

What does is mean to win? 
We talk about winning a lot in this practice:

"Win in the morning and you win in Life!"

That's a motto I carry from my mentor Daisaku Ikeda. And I do win every morning. I chant a full hour of Daimoku and give it my most focused concentration

What does it mean to win in life? For me, it means a win- win for everyone. That's what I was chanting for in my divorce - a win-win for both me and the man I now call my "wusband." (I don't like the term "ex", and we'll always be friends.) I wasn't out to ruin him or defeat him. I chanted for a win-win. And that's what we got. Last night we went out to dinner and toasted to our accomplishment. 

And challenges, obstacles, (benefits in disguise) lead us to chant. Yesterday I talked with my son Ben and realized I have to draw the strength of my entire immeasurable life force through for him in Daimoku...and continue to do this over and over until he is free from the torment in his head. 

If any of you know of any doctors or alternative health practitioners who are having success with the disease of schizophrenia please contact me at At least he is safe and happy in the wonderful community we found for him! 

Every day I chant to Master my Mind, Master my Mind, Master my Mind! I chant to draw the immeasurable power of my life through my prayer and focus it in many directions, including my family. My sister is getting married in April and we have a great relationships, and I am chanting to change myself to make it even greater and revolutionalize our family patterns. 
Chanting to master my mind is powerful! 

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