Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Ways to Make This Your Best Valentine's Day Ever!

Valentine's Day is February 14th in America. Many people have a love/hate relationship with this holiday because it's traditionally when you receive a token of love from someone who loves you...
But what if you're not in a relationship? Or, worse yet, what if you have a significant other who doesn't "believe" in Valentine's day, calls it a "Hallmark Holiday" and refuses to participate. There are many ways to be disappointed or sad when Valentine's Day comes along. 

Not for me. Not anymore! 

Several years ago I embarked on the greatest love of all...cultivating my love for myself from within my own life.

I truly believe as Louise Hay states, that loving ourselves is the greatest journey we can take, and all love that surrounds us stems from love of ourselves. 

So now, when Valentine's Day comes around I follow my own traditions: 

3 Ways 
to Have a 
Fabulous Valentine's Day!

1. Spread the love! 
Make Valentine's Day about SHOWING your love...not about waiting for someone to give it to you. I've already spent a few hours writing and addressing cards to those I love..girlfriends...family members...even new business friends. Every day this week I've given gifts and surprises to people...bringing them joy, and ME joy! If you don't have a lot of friends, this is the perfect time to reach out to new potential friends. Be bold! 

2. Reach Out!
Call some friends you haven't talked to in a while. I set a dinner date with a dear friend, and I've called some friends I haven't spoken to recently. 

3. Love YourSelf!
Show YourSelf some love! You are special! Express your love to yourself. Recently I bought myself a token to commemorate the day that Ben was accepted into his new community. Every time I look at it I feel new appreciation for the fortune within my own life. 
And this week I plan on buying myself some flowers, and continuing to express my love to myself and others. I started walking regularly, as I mentioned, and it feels great! I'll treat myself to yoga. 
On Valentine's Day I have a new friend coming over to chant, and I'll think up some surprises for other friends. 

Make it fun. Valentine's Day is about love. It's up to all of us to bring love, to feel love, to build love. 
I'm sending love to YOU right now ~* 

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