Friday, February 20, 2015

Mastering our Mind Brings Results

Loving ourselves into perfect happiness...the key to life I think. 

I have two benefits...breakthroughs I created...

I have been chanting steadily to Master my Mind and I am about to do two things I have been putting off for a long time...One of them is a major life-changing incident, that will officially make me a single woman...and the other is a medical test that I just have never wanted to do, but somehow now have the courage. Many people have done this before with no incident. I have just been to scared to do it. 

For both of these I had to master my mind, and in my case, overcome the fear of facing regret.  Now that the medical procedure is going to happen this morning it feels almost like a piece of cake. I am just going to sail on through. 

And as far as the divorce goes, please don't let it discourage you that this is the choice I have taken in my life. It does not mean that you cannot work it out with your spouse or get the man that you want. I will attain happiness in love. I am sure of this. 
My circumstances are unique to me. I was fortunate to marry a very good man and good father to our children. We have chosen to go our own ways for some time and finally have agreed, and consulted with professionals and are carrying out our desires amicably, and as friends.   

From the very beginning when I knew we were going to divorce I chanted to have the kind of divorce that people would never believe...friendly, amicable and inspiring...where all of our lives would improve. One of my friends joined the SGI watching me in this process...watching us. 

The main point is, I was finally able to come to a solid decision and take appropriate action. Step by step, overcoming my fears. 
Now, as all of you know, some things are easier for us, some are harder. We all have our difficulties and our gifts. What we, as Buddhists do, is continually challenge our weaknesses, having the courage to look our inner selves in the mirror and forging on, no matter whether we like the reflection or not. This week, at the District meeting,  I presented on the mirror guidance...all IS a reflection of our lives. All real change occurs when we can really look at ourselves. 

My apologies to the many who have written this week. I'll have some time to reply this weekend. When you write me, please remember that the first thing I will probably do is suggest you connect with your local leaders. But I know some of you have unique circumstances...

I'd like to write more but I have to chant before the Doctor's office. 

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