Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Loving Chanting Daimoku = Loving the Moment

A few days ago I saw a picture on Facebook. It was a much older woman, next to a younger woman saying "time flies" enjoy the moment. And it really made me reflect. 

When I was a young mother I knew I had to enjoy the moments with my kids...I wanted to freeze time. I cried at every year's "first day of school" and wished they could stay young forever. Yes. 

But many times now, I just feel I want to speed things I have to get TO somewhere...but I'm not sure where...just moving...and moving...
And although I feel appreciation in my heart...sometimes I don't "stop to smell the roses." I think it is partly the time we are in...the culture we belong to...we are all in such a hurry, right? (At least here int he States)

Seeing this picture of the old woman telling the young woman how time flies, I decided to experiment with chanting a little more slowly, and relishing each Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. A mentor of mine in San Francisco said you should approach the Gohonzon as if you were approaching a lover...or eating the finest food. Relishing each moment. 

So I slowed it down for part of my hour. 

Later that day, after an energy alignment session with my dear friend Joy, of Path to Joy Wellness, I went for a walk, and decided to just enjoy moving my body, not going as fast as I usually do. 

Now, I don't think I got a great aerobic workout, but I sure did love being in my body...feeling the air, moving my hips. It just felt so good....

So, I'm not saying we should slow down or speed up chanting...I think the speed we chant is up to each person. I just thought this was interesting and wanted to share it with you. 


  1. It is wonderful to slow down sometimes. After a gap, I am back to walking in the morning. I walk in the district park which has a large walking path and full of beautiful trees. By picking up things slowly and enjoying my walks, I am thoroughly enjoying myself.
    Also, wanted to share that I have increased my daimoku as well. By doing my daimoku slowly and clearly , I find more joy, more energy and more clarity in my thoughts.

  2. Hi Jamie Lee Silver. Thank you for sharing. This experience were told me my shakubuku father. Chant just as you eat your the meal you like, to see your lover. Enjoy each of daimoku when chanting to the Gohonzon. Thanks. Keep enjoy your life. And keep chanting with love.

  3. Jamie, as usual, this is EXACTLY what I need right now!