Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Incredible SGI Buddhist Meeting Tonight! Introducing others to this practice!

My home was filled with energy tonight! We had 15 people here for the SGI planning meeting! I swear, the place is still buzzing.

There is nothing like an SGI meeting! We coe together to share successes, challenges, study Buddhism and become so close we're almost like family.

Find your local meeting by going to and finding the culture center closest to your home. Call them and ask for a meeting in your area. There are meetings everywhere!!!

You will make a room full of good friends!

And there is a "secret" to having a good Buddhist meeting and a secret to introducing others to this practice! Chant about it!

Downers Grove District in Illinois has incredible and lively meetings. Why? For many years we have been chanting that everyone who comes to a meeting be enlivened, lifted up, encouraged and given new hope at EVERY meeting! That is why the room is filled with excited and happy people getting results.

You know how much I love to introduce people to this practice, and then watch as their lives blossom! It is the happiest way to live! And the fastest way to change your karma!

I always chant to meet people who want to know about this practice...and the room is always filled with people I've introduced. It's easy. It all starts with Daimoku...and as I said, I chant to encounter people who are thirsting for this practice, and who want to chant. Then I tell just about everyone I meet about chanting. I mention it in the course of our conversation. Our two newest members were here tonight because my iphone had a problem and I went to the apple store. I told the peson who was helping me that I had to have the phone working because I'm a Buddhist leader, and I told her about the blog and readers all over the world. She was so psyched! She has now been chanting for 4 months and has already introduced her dear friend. They will probably both get their Gohonzons on May third! Introducing people to this practice is so easy! Just have a glowing life condition, be receiving benefits galore...and tell everyone ! I always carry Nam Myoho Renge Kyo cards on me. ALWAYS!!

I hope you are having a great week and continuing to shine with the brilliant light of Daimoku!
Don't give up! You are the Buddha!!

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