Monday, April 30, 2012

Fresh Determinations for a Gloomy Monday Morning!

Happy Monday Morning!

Once more I awaken to a battle in my own life. Once more I hear the voices of fear, and the rattles of worry! And once more I sit down and determine "I will change my karma forever! I will defeat the voices of fear and self doubt in my mind! I am determined to vanquish worry from my mind and my life!
I am a BUDDHA" 

This morning, as I prepare to face my life (by chanting and focusing on the Gohonon)... 

I am determined that I will be the victor...that no excuses will keep me from absolute happiness, and that EVERY ASPECT of my life will encourage others. 

My relationships will continue to grow and increase and I will make more and more inspiring friends - that includes YOU, readers of this blog! 

I will enjoy the most solid financial fortune. In America we have just begun the May contribution excellent time to solidify financial fortune by contributing to Kosen Rufu sincerely, from the heart. Wonderful!

My network of readers will continue to grow explosively and EVERY SINGLE PERSON READING THIS BLOG will tap into fresh determinations that will power all of your lives forward in unprecedented ways. You will all become happy and self-fulfilled and sparkling with the vibrant energy of KNOWing that you can change anything and become your truest and best self! You will know yourselves as the true Buddhas you are!!! 

My prayer is for You to joyfully embrace your fellow SGI members and President Ikeda's spirit, and move together securing your happiness, and the happiness of others. 

And you will tell others about this practice because you feel compelled to do so by your own sparkling lives! 

I am determined to reach more and more people who are suffering like I was...who knew there had to be a solution to their problems, if only they could find out about that practice! 

This is the reason for!

I am so grateful to all of you for forwarding this blog to others and helping me to fulfill my mission in life!

A few days ago I posted a blog on how to chant for the first time. 
Was that helpful? Would you forward that to your friends who want to chant for the first time? Do you have any suggestions for improving that post? I am open to hearing the words of my wise readers. 

I hope you are filled with fresh determinations today, and you have an incredible, determined and fresh time in front of your Gohonzon! 

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