Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why do bad things happen? A Good Question...

I received a question from someone who is new to chanting. She wondered why after chanting a few days some obstacles occurred. When the obstacles happened she stopped chanting for a few days. Then she started chanting again, and more less-than-positive things occurred. So she stopped chanting again. And on and on...

I'll bet there are other readers who are familiar with this pattern and who know the answer to this question!

When you chant Daimoku you are reaching into the depth of your life to purify it and create the most beautiful possible life. You are also stirring up the karma that has always been within your life. If you stay with the practice, and chant consistently, you will attain a state of life beyond your wildest dreams. You will have a level of contentment and come to know your purpose in being alive. You will look at your problems as opportunities for greater growth and happiness. But first you have to deepen your understanding of the practice. 

When you chant, you naturally draw from your life the karma that needs to be changed. Otherwise you wouldn't have the chance to change it! If you've studied the Gosho you see that chanting correctly does bring problems into a closer focus so you can change that karma once and for all. 

During my first few years of chanting I took a job with the worst boss ever. Really. He swore at the people who worked for him (the beautiful woman he LIVED with) and was abusive to the whole staff. It was horrible. Instead of lamenting my fate and crying "Chanting is not working!" I saw it as the opportunity to change this karma FOREVER. Every day I chanted a solid hour in the morning that NEVER EVER again would I experience an abusive boss! I chanted for his happiness, and the happiness of everyone involved. At a certain point I was able to stop his abusive ways by speaking up when he was yelling. It took courage. It took daimoku. And I've never had an abusive boss since then. I changed that karma then and there by facing it down and roaring Nam Myoho Renge Kyo like the powerful woman I am!

I understood that this challenge was an opportunity to change my bad karma. And always remember, karma is in your life, but you don't have to think of it as your fault. That karma is there from many lifetimes of living, but feeling guilty about it is just not useful. Feeling responsible for it, and vowing to change it will give you POWER.

Just chant to change the karma of anything that is bothering you. You don't have to figure it out! Just make a vow and determination to end this karma forever. See all that happens to you, both good and bad, as the answer to your prayer and don't stop chanting even for a day. During the difficult times chant even harder and what you've been encountering eventually be gone forever. It does not happen overnight. But it does happen!!!!

THAT is the fortune I talk about.  That happiness can be yours. But don't run scared when bad things happen. No Roar like the powerful lion you are!
"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?"
In this case sickness can be taken as any kind of suffering. ROAR it out of your life forever!!! 


  1. Dear Jamie,

    I came across your blog last month, and I'm SO glad I did! It's like having a senior leader right here to encourage me! I've shared it with many friends; my friend who I shakubukued just emailed me to say she loves it too. (she recieved Gohonzon at New Year's Gongyo :) )

    I love this post--it's just what I need in the midst of fighting through a long period of deep karma challenges. Thanks to loads of daimoku, I'm much better than just a year ago; and your wonderful experiences, explanations, encouragement and confidence in faith are so helpful!

  2. " It's like having a senior leader right here to encourage me! : I feel exactly the same way. I see having found this blog as an effect of my good causes and my undeniable conection between you Jamie, all the readers.

  3. " It's like having a senior leader right here to encourage me!": i feel exactly the same way. What a fortune!

  4. I chant and I saw the results immediately. I have stories that would blow anyone's mind. I backed up because I was receiving results immediately and was not ready for. I started chanting again on a intention that I am ready for change.. it happened today on a crises. I chanted before I called the person and the person got the result I chanted for. For ex., the person needed treatment and no one would take him and they did. As he hungup I sat down and chanted for a few mintues when I called him someone called on the other line for him to set an appointment.

    My question is if I get a severe problem and I am so upset how do I stop that feeling?

  5. Although this post was made many years ago, I stumbled upon it today when I needed to see it more than ever! Thank you for posting. The seed you have sewn has grown many branches tall and wide to help so many. I know this good will also come back to you.