Monday, April 23, 2012

Fundamental Darkness Be Gone!

Understanding Fundamental Darkness is one of the keys to becoming enlightened, and HAPPY! 

And "Fundamental Darkness", although it sounds scary, is not scary at all AS LONG AS YOU RECOGNIZE IT FOR WHAT IT IS!!! When you see it for what it is, and don't give it any power you can vanquish it from your life. 

Fundamental darkness is only ignorance of your fundamental brightness. And when you are practicing correctly you WILL experience it! It's part of the process!

That's how simple it is. 

It's not a force that will overwhelm you, unless you give it power! 

For me,  fundamental darkness is the negative voice in my head urging me to give up. The voice says "This is not possible Jamie girl...don't even hope for one you know ever accomplished this goal, what makes you think you can?" and on and on and on. It leads me to doubt and fear...and I have the power to lead myself back into light and hope. It also appears as a feeling of hopelessness...a feeling of insatiable longing....that too is fundamental darkness. Unless I see it for what it IS, I feel the hopelessness is real. But it's not real! Do you see what I'm saying? 

Now, if I were to believe those voices, and continue giving them power...well then, fundamental darkness WINS. But if I instead call out "I KNOW YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE!!! HA! Negative thoughts BE GONE~!!!!" If I say "I don't CARE how many times you come to defeat me...I am the BUDDHA! I am stronger than you! I will WIN! I will recognize my FUNDAMENTAL GOODNESS INSTEAD! My life is a brilliant example of actual proof of this Buddhism! I WILL accomplish what is IMPOSSIBLE! I will be absolutely happy and healthy in every way!" Then I have power. 

Listen to the supportive voices in your head...SUMMON them!...write them on your walls! 

Train your thoughts to say: 

"Buddhism is winning or losing...I choose to WIN! I am the Buddha! I have all the power of the universe right here between my hands when I am roaring the roar of the Buddha and chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and dispelling these doubts from my mind.!!!!! I AM the BUDDHA! No ONE and no THOUGHT will defeat me. And I VOW I will overcome my karma and be absolutely happy in every way...mind, body, spirit! I will be an example for others that this practice works. My life is an example of glowing, brilliant happiness and I can be a beacon of hope for others! Goodbye fundamental darkness! SHOOO! I feel and see my fundamental BRIGHTNESS instead!!!!
I'm focusing on that!"

Roar the roar of a courageous buddha! Do not give into fundamental darkness. It is not who you are. You are a brilliant beacon of hope for everyone. Claim your brightness! Embrace your Buddhahood! Vanquish your fears! Ever. Single. Day!!!!

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