Friday, June 22, 2012

You Can Desire ANYTHING!

Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with a member of my district who has been Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for about a year and a half. 

I said, as we were beginning to chant, "REMEMBER, YOU CAN DESIRE ANYTHING...YOU CAN CHANT FOR ANYTHING!" And after we chanted we talked about this. I know we had talked about it before, but now it is beginning to sink in for her 

She told me she was raised to believe that desires were bad...and that having a real desire for anything actually leads to suffering and unhappiness. She was taught to appreciate everything, but not to have desires or to be specific. She was taught not to ask for anything. 
I told her about the fulfillment of some of my very specific desires. I listed a specific desire I have now, with all its components (I get VERY specific!)

And she was amazed...and open to the idea of specifying her own desires...and chanting for them ~ rather than denying them. I am so glad we had this discussion! 

Please consider what I am saying. 

Earthly desires are your birthright. 

They make you who you are. 

They are fuel for your chanting, they make the light in your eyes shine...they make waking up each day a joyous experience. Why not be specific and go for what is in your heart? 

I know people who started chanting and had less than lofty desires...and chanting for those desires eventually lead their lives to chant for better desires. But they had to start where they were. There are people who begin their practice chanting for drugs, and if they keep chanting they will develop better desires! 

I know a man who started chanting to prove to his wife that she was wasting her time. More than 40 years later she's still chanting. 

There was an experience in the world tribune of a woman chanting to die, and she kept trying to commit suicide (and failing) and kept chanting and worked her way out of her sadness to lead a happy productive life. Chant for what is in your heart!

And, if you don't know what your desires are, well...easy answer! 

Chant to know what you really want. Ask your life. You have the perfect tool to do that!

I chanted to know what my mission was for quite a few years. I knew I was born to accomplish something important  (just like YOU) and I wanted to find out what it was. 

And now, here I am, thrilled to be writing to you today, thrilled that you pass on this blog address to others, and thrilled to reach more and more people every day and help them to become happy. 

My life has purpose, spark and excitement. Nothing makes me happier than hearing your successes, hearing that you've gone to SGI meetings and answering your questions. 
From the bottom of my heart I thank you and I urge you : Have desires! Make them specific! Chant about them! Own them and claim them!! And be HAPPY!!!

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  1. Dear jamie, ur blog is so so inspiring. I wish to thank you for this absolute selfless act of yours- this amazing blog ! I got my answer about why its important to desire ! You are truly a sunshine buddha girl ! Love always.