Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exciting Meeting in Chicago tonight! And Job Search TIPS!

Meeting Tonight
at the Chicago Buddhist Center ~ especially for newcomers
Open to anyone ~ sponsored by the LGBT!
Chicago Buddhist Center
1455 S. Wabash - FREE PARKING! 
6:30-8:30 call 312-913-1211
Please come!  All Welcome!
(If you can't come tonight you can call the center and they will put you in touch with the meetings that are held in your area - there are meetings all over!)

I hope yesterday's blog about what makes this practice so radically different from any other form of Buddhism or any other practice was helpful to you. Do you have any questions for me? Are there members who have any feedback for me? Would you like me to include anything else? Please email questions/comments and EXPERIENCES of any length to me at I'm looking for experiences to share on this blog and in my upcoming book. 

What can I share with you today? 

I want to talk about two things: 
The basic framework of an SGI Meeting and 
tips on chanting to find a job

About SGI Meetings: I was not in on the planning of tonight's meeting because I have a meeting at my home in the Western Suburbs every single Wednesday. What I can tell you is tonight's meeting at the Buddhist Center will be filled with people who have experienced benefit after benefit from chanting, and are happy to share how they have broken through their problems. The meeting will start with chanting, and have basic explanations of the practice and time for questions. There's also a bookstore at the Chicago Buddhist Center with tons of fascinating books on this practice.  Our meetings are very warm, and you won't feel left out or singled out. You can come alone and not feel awkward. Every meeting has tons and tons of Daimoku (the chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) behind it. What do I mean when I say that? Each meeting has been carefully prepared by a group of people who are chanting for the participants...chanting for YOU! Tonight's meeting at the buddhist Center has had a team of people preparing it and chanting for everyone involved. If you go to the meeting you will make many new friends!

For the meetings held at my house every week, I always chant that every single person who comes to a meeting will NEVER BE THE SAME after that meeting. I chant that each person hears something that inspires them to the core, and that they go and chant with renewed energy and enthusiasm and take a new step forward in their lives. The group that meets at my house is very close, and always excited about new people joining us. Nothing makes us happier than seeing someone's life light up with happiness with the power of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! And I am always chanting that MY LIFE has to be victorious in every way so that I can show actual proof to other members, and to my friends who read this blog! I demand my life to produce the results I'm seeking, and this is a very powerful prayer. 


Many of you are writing me and asking "How do I get a job...I've been looking and I haven't been able to find anything." And I say chant with this kind of prayer. Chant "I MUST find a job so I can show actual proof of this practice and inspire others with my life. I demand the result and the victory now! I must find a job for kosen rufu...a job where I will be able to create value in my life and spread it to others!" 
And write down what you would like...go ahead and be specific. I found exactly what I wanted and switched careers in the middle of a recession. The power of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is stronger than any recession. Tuen off the TV and stop listening to the bad news for awhile! DOn;t let anything discourage you!
You may ask: Who are you chanting "to" ? The answer is Your own power, your own life that you generate and tap into by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! It is your birthright to be happy and victorious! Chant for the wisdom to take the right actions to find a job and take massive action every day. When I was finding the job I have currently I wrote a list of everything I wanted, and I went on many job interviews that didn't match my criteria because I didn't even know where to look to find the job I'd written about. Even though I didn't want those jobs, I knew that taking the action to interview for them was making a positive cause for me to find the right job. And boom! I got an email from a networking friend (who I had introduced to chanting of course!) about the job I have now, and I knew the minute I got the email that this was my job. I had to handle the next steps very carefully. I prepared well for the interview, and I even had to prepare a powerpoint presentation for the management team. I wrote my hand-written thank you notes. I took the correct actions. I kept chanting and I got the job! 
Tell your life what you want in your chanting. Roar like the lion you are! Write me at to share your experience, give me feedback or ask questions! 

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  1. Thanku so much for your encouraging messages.
    As soon as i reach office, the first thing(after checking my emails) i do is read your mails/blog.
    Please continue writing!!thanku :)