Friday, June 29, 2012

Comments from readers! Experiences and Questions

Thanks for writing! 
From my readers! The first is an experience, the second is a question and the answer I provided.

Hello Jamie 
I wrote you back in September I just wanted to let you know I continued chanting I haven't had time to keep up with the meetings at the SGI near my house because of work but I still chant at home. My health problem was complete resolved I had surgery and everything went great I went on a trip to Thailand and new Zealand for work and had a great time my divorce is final and me and my ex husband have remained friends. And I'm learning to remember the good times I had with my friend that passed away. I suggest chanting to anyone that will listen because I know it helped me through some really hard times. I just want to tell you thank you for creating your blog , reading your words help me to become a stronger and happier woman.  

Question and answer:

Hi Jamie,
I can't tell you many times your blog has given me hope when I've even considered quitting the practice.
I just graduate and have applied to at least 50 jobs and have been rejected from all of them. I wrote down some goals and even included the salary I would want in my dream job but I feel guilty for being greedy. I chant only 10mins a day and despite practicing for almost a year I haven't really had any victories which makes me wonder what am I doing wrong ? I would appreciate guidance from you in terms of what I should chant for in a job or what more can I do to Improve my practice .
My response:  


First of all you are not being greedy to want money in your life, and to have a job that brings you joy. You can envision a life that makes you happy down to every detail. It is your birthright. And now, since you are chanting Nam Myoho REnge Kyo it is time for you to Raise your life condition and focus on what you want. The goal of this practice is to be happy. Having the right job is very key to being happy. 

There are many elements to having a successful practice. They are not all easy but they will result in actual results in your life and a happiness you have never known before. The question you must ask yourself is "How much do I want to be happy?" And if you're wondering if you deserve happiness I will tell you YES YOU DO!!!! 
And if you don't believe me, please chant in praise of your life. You have a noble mission. You can help all those who are suffering...once you achieve happiness yourself. This is a crucial time for you. You must determine to win! 
Here are the aspects of a successful practice:

Chanting as much joyful "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" as possible.
make your list of what you want!
Get your Gohonzon as soon as you can! (The Gohonzon is the scroll inscribed by Nichiren Daishonin of the highest life condition possible. We focus on it while is the center of our Buddhist altar. You get it through chanting with the SGI and attending meetings and learning Gongyo which is the recitation of the Lotus Sutra we recite every morning and evening)
Going to SGI meetings at the Buddhist center or in people's homes - (I know it can be difficult to get to meetings. If you cannot attend, keep chanting anyway! Chant to be able to attend!)
Making good Buddhist friends
Studying the Gosho of Nichiren Daishonin and writings of Daisaku Ikeda
Chanting as much Daimoku as you can and doing Gongyo twice a day every day. 
Taking action towards your goal....every action you take is a cause!
Chant for the perfect job for kosen rufu. (World peace) 
Chant to show actual proof of this practice through your own life so that you can inspire others to chant.  
Demand that your life deliver this to you!

You can do it. 
Challenge Yourself. 
I promise you. It is worth it!!!

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