Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chanting A Lot!

I just got back from chanting several hours of daimoku with a group of people. (called a TOZO)

I was roaring like a lion - just like I talk about in this blog. 

There is one part of my life that is still causing me pain and I am determined to root that karma out. 
I am DONE with this particular feeling and pattern of behavior! As I was chanting to change this karma forever I could picture the roots, and see myself yanking them out. I don't have to know where this karma came from...all I have to do is see it for what it is and determine to change it. I don't have to figure it out. No. All I have to do is chant to grab it by its roots and rid it from my life forever. 

I chanted with all of you in mind. I chanted "I MUST solve this problem so that I can have complete and total actual proof and inspire the readers of that anything is possible." No suffering is too much for Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. The vibration of chanting is stronger than any possible problem. 

I am fighting right alongside you. 

We can all be victorious in all of your challenges and problems. We can all shine like the sun!!!

Every time each of us breaks through...we are opening a door for so many others to come through. 

You are inspiring me with all of your emails and comments. Keep writing! And ask me anything. My email is

Keep Going! Don't give up!

I heard an author say recently "Your Mess is your Message!" And I say "Yes! Embrace your "mess", recognize that it is your karma, and and change it!!! Forever!" Remember...this is not the kind of practice where you are supposed to suffer for your karma. NO you have the tool to change it! And stop its pattern in your family FOREVER! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!

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