Friday, September 27, 2013

Through Winning Over Ourselves We Change the World

It all comes down to us. 
How deeply can we dig in our lives to overcome OUR OWN "war" within us? How much can we truly tap into the power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo that exists within us and within everything? 
If everything around us is a reflection of who we are, and a reflection of our very lives, then WE possess the power to change everything. Don't we? Yes. As long as we don't blame anyone or anything for our problems. And as long as we practice correctly - chanting twice a day, encouraging others, going to SGI meetings and studying. 

We must keep realizing that the problem, the challenge, the negativity ~ is within our own lives. NOT OUT THERE. But that's GOOD NEWS because we possess the ultimate tool to change it, we belong to the incredible SGI (which is full of mentors and bodhisattvas who are also challenging their karma), and we have Daisaku Ikeda as a living mentor to show us how it is done. We are so fortunate!  

Even my son's illness. I know. It is his illness, but I can transform it through my prayers. And not just for me. Not just for him...but for everyone...
I've often talked about how each of us are standing in front of the door of our own karma, problems, challenges. Behind us are many, many others with the same problems just waiting for us to open the door with our powerful daimoku! When we open the door...everyone can stream through. 

We are THAT powerful!

I am often reminded of the hundred monkey story. Do you know that one? I may get a few details wrong but I hope you get the idea. Apparently there were several islands with monkeys. They were not connected by land. One monkey got the bright idea to wash his potato in the water before he ate it, so he didn't have to crunch on sand and dirt. Soon other monkeys on his island were also washing their potatoes...and after a certain amount of monkeys on one island were washing their potatoes, suddenly the monkeys on other island began washing their potatoes too. Somehow, through the web of life, the new concept spread and became available to all the monkeys. Do you see the connection?

I know when I chant and overcome my problems it is not just for me. Because of the interconnectivity of life (dependent origination) when I change my karma, ALL karma is changed. I believe this is the basis behind Kosen Rufu as well. And when we chant with the understanding that changing OUR problem will impact everyone...I think that is when we connect with our power the most deeply. 

Buddhism is advanced life study. That's what it is. As I always say, it is not for the faint of heart. it is not for sissies. Buddhism requires the courage and the ichinen (courage and will put into action) to tackle life's problems head on and not run from them. Sure, somethimes we think it may be easier to ignore or deny our problems, or to take a drink or use some drug to change things (and I am not advocating against prescription drugs here - they can be very useful. I am talking about recreational drugs). But we have to know that those things will not solve our problems. We need to face them head on. 

I just arose from two solid hours of daimoku (chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo). I was glued to the Gohonzon (scroll we focus on when we chant that represents our highest life condition- the life of the Buddha). I'm sure you know that kind of daimoku...the kind where the time flies, and you KNOW that you have impacted your world and the universe through your prayer. 

I was chanting that through my daimoku this very morning that I impact my son's health karma. I chanted to use my life to impact him. I told those shoten zenjin (protective forces of the universe) that they had better protect me and my family. We are votaries of the Lotus Sutra. They MUST respond to my prayers and protect my son with the BEST help and practitioners for his illness. And I chanted to light up my brain with wisdom and rid my mind of confusion so that I know exactly what to do to help him in this challenging time. I chanted to stay strong, and BE THE BUDDHA at all times. I am the BUDDHA of my family. I must be courageous, strong and confident! 

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All my best to YOU!

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