Sunday, March 22, 2015

Powerful, Karma Changing PowerPrayer - great for a toso or anytime!

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Yesterday, as I was chanting a four hour toso, a PowerPrayer came into my mind to share with you. I was chanting so much because Ben is in the hospital 8 hours from me, and I have a big speech at the Care Manager's conference this Thursday. I want to be sure I am at my absolute best in order to to forward the progress of my life, and inspire those around me with my words of hope and encouragement. I speak about all the new research that show life gets better as we age. I tell people about the groundbreaking work of Ellen Langer, Beca Levy, Christiane Northrup and more. 

First, some quotes by our mentor, Daisaku Ikeda on Daimoku:

"The air around us is filled with radio waves of various frequencies. While these are invisible, a television set can collect them and turn them into visible images. The practice of chanting daimoku to the Gohonzon aligns the rhythm of our own life with the world of Buddhahood in the universe. it "tunes" our lives, so to speak, so that we can manifest the world of Buddhahood in our very beings."
Faith in Action, page 118.

"Everything becomes a source of value, everything is brought to life, when we base ourselves on daimoku.  The Daishonin teaches that myo in Nam-myoho-renge-kyo means "to revive, to return to life." Nam-myoho-renge-kyo rejuvenates all knowledge; it revitalizes our daily lives."
Faith in Action, page 118.

PowerPrayer for a Powerful Toso 
You can use at any time 
Powerprayers are thoughts 
to bring to mind while chanting.
..fresh determinations to fuel our daimoku
By JamieLeeSilver of

This Daimoku this very second
This Daimoku is impacting my life
and ALL of life 
This moment, 
with this Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
I am yanking out the root 
of any karma that causes me to suffer. 
I am forever alleviating the source of my suffering...
even if I don't know what that source is. 
I am changing myself...
doing my own human revolution
right now
I am lighting the way for others to do the same. 
My OWN Daimoku is enough! 
My own Buddha Nature is infinite 
with immeasurable power! 
I determine that my prayer here today 
will be THE Prayer
to dynamically bring to an end 
all suffering anywhere 
throughout the universe and all of life. 
As I am chanting, 
my Daimoku pinpoints the exact 
and actions 
I think, 
or do, 
that are not serving my highest good 
and I invite my wisdom 
to change these to the 
BEST actions, 
Best words 
Best thoughts! 
I chant to uncover and release 
any limited beliefs 
and replace them with beliefs 
that dynamically move me 
and all of life forward,into absolute happiness, 
deepest love for myself and others, 
radiant health and prosperity for all. 

I chant to change in any way 
that will help me to alleviate the unhappiness of __________________and for their life to shine in every way. 
I chant for all my friends and all my fellow members throughout the world to experience absolute happiness!

I have these specific intentions and goals:


  1. Thanks Jamie for your beautiful power prayers. Helps me to slice through my own limiting beliefs that I might have held on to for such a long time.

  2. Thank you :) Simona