Wednesday, March 25, 2015


                         There is NO age limit on cool! 

As some of you know I have a passion for public speaking. I love to give inspiring messages of hope and change people's lives. I have a new speech - one I've developed over the years and have recently rewritten.

Tomorrow, in the Chicago area, I'm giving my keynote speech called 

"Growing Older, Better, Bolder, Stronger- Thriving Not Declining" 

There will be 230 Senior Care Managers, Social Workers, and Professionals at a conference in the Chicago Area. 

I speak about all the new research that proves we get BETTER as we get older, and the more we realize this (have positive age stereotypes) the happier we are, the longer we live, and the healthier we are! 
I highlight the power of our words to not just describe our lives, but to PREDICT our lives. 

Positive words and thoughts matter! 
So excited about tomorrow! 

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  1. Great - I can and I will as I grow into my Buddahood