Friday, March 29, 2013

One Person Can Change the World

This month is almost over, and many people in America are involved in taking the essentials exam. I've been studying and helping others study. Studying together is one of my favorite Buddhist activities. 

As I was posting this beautiful picture, which makes me think that Spring will finally be here at some point, I was taking a look at our study material. Those of us who have been practicing for a while know this quote well, and I love hearing it over and over and deepening my understanding of it:

President Ikeda States:

"A great human revolution 

in just a single individual 
will help achieve a change 
in the destiny of a nation 
and further, 
will enable a change 
in the destiny of all humankind."

Buddhism is not abstract concepts. It is practical. That is why it is so important for each of us to chant to show actual proof of this practice with our lives. 

Every day we can show actual proof of how we are evolving as human beings. Every day we can be changing inside by tapping into our Buddha nature and chanting for it to emerge at every moment. 

How does it emerge? It is different for every person. For some people, maybe one day they stop being mad at other drivers on the road. Others may let love in more and more. Others may experience a deeper level of satisfaction and contentment. Some may naturally stop feeling depressed. Others may be kinder to strangers and to their own families. 

Every person is different. But because of the interconnectedness of all of life, whenever we change inside we have an effect on everything around us. 

I often say that every one of my challenges is a door I am standing in front of, and behind me are multitudes who are suffering from the same challenge. Because I have the Gohonzon I can chant about this challenge and open this door so those behind me can also walk through it triumphantly. It may take an hour to break through. It may take days and it may take years. The key is to keep chanting until we do break though and to never give up. 

Whatever our challenges may be - we can definitely WIN as long as we do not give up. Do not lose hope. Do not lose hope. 

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