Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Courage and Determination

"One who refuses to seek the advice of others 
will eventually be led to a path of ruin. 

A mentor helps you to perceive your own weaknesses 
and confront them with courage. 

The bond between mentor and protégé
enables us to stay true to our chosen path until the very end."

Daisaku Ikeda 

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  1. Its my sincere request you. . .please go through this.

    My younger brother, He is now 24 years old, suffering from Bi Polar Affective Disorder(Manic Depression), he turned violent in 2010 when he was with us In Bangalore and immediately we have admitted in Hospital for further treatment. He was in Hospital for 18 days underwent Electro Convulsive Treatment which is also called shock treatment. Post treatment he was fine and as per Doctor advised he was on medication for 3 years but his mood used to swing sometimes which was worrying us a lot. we always fulfilled his desires like buying a Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Piano.. . .he is a excellent multi instrument player. . .he learnt guitar and other instrument on his own, and we always appreciated his talent and encouraged him to continue his passion and talent.

    With this intention we have asked him to come to Bangalore City (India) and stay with us so that we can put him in some good music school to tap his potential and make his career and life in Music industry. we took him various music school in the city, he received appreciation wherever he went from Music Coaches, trainers for his talent and even he used to feel proud for that. later he joined music school and was doing good there.

    Since last two months that is Dec’2013 and January’2014 my brother stopped consuming mood stabilizer tablets prescribed by doctor and it is mandatory for Bi Polar patients to be in normal state. Due to discontinuation of tablets for two months my parents noticed some awkward behavior, getting angry, talking to oneself, disturbed, frustrated symptoms in him
    suddenly of Feb 6th 2014 morning he started shouting very loudly and turned violent.

    After this we admitted in the same hospital where he was given treatment in 2010 when similar incident took place. again he is undergoing similar ECT (Shock treatment), Whole family got shattered, since eight years whole family is in deep pain, having sleepless nights, in lurch.

    As it was very difficult to manage him doctor has advised us to put him rehabilitation center and so we did. he is away from home and family for the first time.

    We are five siblings including me, all are well educated and well settled in their life except my brother, actually this thing(brother not settled in life) bothering him a lot. he is having inferiority complex that he cant communicate with people like we do, he thinks he is not capable of doing any work given.

    We took him for the gakkai meetings, discussion sessions so that he respects his life understand his life, we always encouraged him that he is capable person, we used to ask him to join us in the prayer sessions which we do daily. sometimes he does sometimes he says chanting never works.

    When I was going through the my brother’s illness causes and its treatment in internet and from various sources, I was shocked and I was completely shattered that Bi Polar is a incurable disease, patients has to be on medications for life long to be normal—– in my brother case he always avoids consuming tablets—–this is a cause of worry to me and my family members.

    I have read experiences were a Bi Polar patients, schizophrenia patients have chanted themselves to over come their illness.

    But how about patients who do not chant, who do not understand why they should chant, they do not understand that they can over come their illness through chanting.

    memebrs who have read life story of my brother, I sincerely request you all to pray for my brother good and health and pray that he should get best treatment. and very importantly pray that he should start chanting and embrace lotus sutra in this life time. I’m also praying for him with same determination.

    I need your humble guidance and encouragement further and on how to chant for people who are mentally and eradicate their karma.

    I thank you all for your patience and sparing valuable time to read above story which My brother, me and my whole family is undergoing.