Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Power Prayer for Today's Full Moon

Today's Moonrise over the Lake, 
posted by my friend Mojo in Louisiana.

March 27th Daily Guidance from Daisaku Ikeda from For Today and Tomorrow:

"While controlling your mind, 
which is at once both extremely subtle 
and solemnly profound, 
you should strive to elevate your faith 
with freshness and vigor. 
When you do so, 
both your life and your surroundings 
will open wide before you 
and every action you take 
will become a source of benefit. 
Understanding the subtle workings of one's mind 
is the key to faith 
and attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime."

And how do we do this? How do we understand the subtle workings of our mind? 
We are so fortunate to have discovered the key of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. We can chant to understand the subtle workings of our mind. We can chant to see our minds in action. We can chant for the realizations that will keep leading us to victory in our lives, and enable us to help others become happy right alongside us. These prayers alone refresh our faith.

There is a quote that says that (and I paraphrase because I am tracking down the exact origin of the quote) "If we want to understand where we are today, we need to look at the causes we made in the past, and if we want to see what our future will hold, we should look a the causes we are making in the present."
I understand this perfectly, but I sometimes am just not sure whether or not I AM making the absolute best causes for my life at every moment. So I focus my daimoku in this area. I often chant to be making the best possible causes at every moment. 

Here's a Power Prayer for a Full Moon:

"I chant to awaken to the subtle workings of my own mind. I chant to see the causes that I am making that are NOT leading me to happiness, and I chant to be able to recognize them and change them in the moment. 

I chant to tap into and draw forth the power of my own life! 

I chant to realize my dream of__________________and my goals of _____________________(you fill in the blanks) by continually making causes and taking powerful action to bring me to the realization of my goals.

I chant to release from my life all the thoughts, actions and emotions that do not serve me or make me happy. I chant to release my resistance to change, so that I CAN change in any way to create my happiness and the happiness of others. I chant to attract into my life the people who are looking for this practice, so that I can help them learn to chant, embrace this practice, and become happy. 

I chant to be a brilliant, shining example that chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo WORKS so that others can be inspired and change their lives and the lives of those they love. I dedicate my prayers to kosen-rufu and the happiness of all!" 

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