Friday, March 22, 2013

Appreciation Power Prayer

I am on a roll of chanting in Appreciation. 

Power Prayer of Appreciation:

Thank you life! I appreciate all the wonderful people, opportunities, money, love, fun, and treasured moments that are flowing into my life right now. I feel every cell in my body vibrating and radiating happiness. My whole being shimmers in happiness and contentment as I let my light shine. Thank you life, thank you, thank you! 

I'll bet you can write a great appreciation power prayer for your own life. 

Every time I sit down to chant I focus on appreciation and feel my heart swelling in happiness...a feeling of peace comes over me.

I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, the name of the rhythm of life itself, and I feel the rhythm within myself and in all of life. Everyone who chants these words can have this experience. This is not something reserved for an elite few.

All kinds of wonderful things, people, opportunities, events, are coming into my life. 

As I said earlier, and as many sages have probably said before me: 

What you focus on increases. 

I am spending time focusing on the good things, the things that make me happy, the people and feelings that make me smile. It is a beautiful and sunny day here in Chicago, although we continue to be under the deep freeze. The pond I look out on is frozen and I have to bundle up in warm clothing to go out. 

But my heart is filled with joy and expectation for good things right now, and more good to come. 

Join me in chanting in appreciation and 
let me know how it is going. 
I always respond to emails as quickly as I can. 
Write me your questions and your victories. Your Victories can inspire the WORLD!  

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