Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More on Jyoti's Experience...truly inspiring

Note to readers: I am reposting Jyoti's experience because several of you wrote to ask me how long it took Jyoti to achieve the benefits she reported in the experience I posted this Sunday, March 17th. 
Jyoti first wrote me on November 12th of 2012, and I've amended the experience to reflect the short time it took her. 

Dear Jamie, 

I am Jyoti from India. 

November 12th of 2012 I emailed you 
about a problem I was facing.

I was in a very low life condition. 
Hated myself. Cried for months. 
I felt completely rejected. 

You guided me to chant for my buddha nature to emerge.

I now shine from within. 

I am chanting regularly, I got a job with good salary, 
I am enjoying my work and learning lots of things, 
and getting more opportunities to enhance my personality.
I am also participating in Gakkai activities.

My leader appreciates me always and calls me a star member. 
I am also WD leader of my block. 
I am suddenly inclined towards charity. 
I visit the orphanage and give something 
every month to the children.
I want to dedicate my new life towards kosen rufu.

I had a fear pf public speaking. 
Last month I became Master of ceremony in one zadankai. (Buddhist meeting).  
And yesterday I performed as MC in a professional technical event.

Opportunities are coming my way. 
And my fear is vanishing.
I used to get affected by anybody. 

I used to mind things a lot. 

Small criticism or harsh language could make me cry.
I never had the courage to reply back, and kept things in my mind for days, in some cases for years.

But now when somebody gets harsh on me I actually laugh inside and think why is that person talking in this way? 

I resolve the matter very calmly.
At least I put forward what I have to say with courage 
and never think about it again.
This is happening very naturally, as if something inside has completely transformed within me. 
I am in love with myself and feel life is beautiful.

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