Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mary Lou gets her Gohonzon

Today we had a study meeting/gosho lecture at my house. I studied this material over and over until I felt I had something useful and practical to relate to the members.
And Mary Lou also received her Gohonzon! She and I first began our friendship out of my quest to solve my leg problem through something other than surgery. She helped me quite a bit...but in the end, as you know...there was only one way for me to go.
I have to say I have been so much better since the surgery. I can walk, and walk and walk! Just like I used to!
And I will tell karma is changing. It has to! You can't do a ton of shakubuku and keep your life standing still. Nohow...NO WAY! Something I have been chanting for is coming true. I don't want to spoil it here ...but I will say that I deserve it and I am a happy girl!
I've also been asked to write an online column about Buddhism, and to lead a class at the Chicagoland Wellness Center called (what else?) Chant for Happiness! Yaaayyy!

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