Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ben Silver Rocks!!! We love Coach Kup!!!

Today, my almost 18 year old son, Benjamin Lee Silver came in 10th in the State of Illinois Cross Country meet. As a senior, this means the world to him!
Illinois is the top running state in the nation, and Ben's been injured for much of the season. What did being injured mean for Ben? It meant that every night he'd spend 2 straight hours on the elliptical machine at the gym to keep his heart in running shape for when he could run again. You should have seen him. And he worked so hard to keep his grades up in the 5 AP classes he's taking this year.
And it paid off for my Buddha boy. His goal was top ten and he accomplished it. So exciting. Now he can really focus in on college planning. At the moment he plans on applying to 11 colleges, all over the country. I am chanting for him to be happy...wherever he ends up!

What a day...we are really on a roll these days. I woke up early enough to chant strongly for an hour before we headed off to Peoria "The Promised Land" as those of us in the Downers Grove North running program call it....aaahhhh Detweiler Park, I know you well!

This year was especially important because the entire team qualified to run, and it's coach Kup's last year. He's an amazing man, Kup. He leads the boys with heart and character and love. I told him many moons ago "Kup you can't retire until my boys graduate!" and here we are in Ben's senior year...and Kup's last year before retirement. Goodness knows, though, KUP is not going to retire! I can't wait to see what he does next with his amazing precious life!!!

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