Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Constantly Growing

I feel like a beautiful, exotic plant that is about to burst forth in flower...the stems have grown, the water source is secure, and the sun is in the most favorable condition for me!
My web site is up and running, I'm writing articles for Megan Gala's magazine, and I am awaiting my business cards in the mail! Every day I run out there like a little kid! I probably would have gone to the Chamber meeting today if I'd gotten them in time...but it wasn't meant to got to walk in the sunshine on this glorious day...and I also opened my business account! Woohoo!

And tonight's meeting was awesome. My entire district chanted with me for a whole hour...such heartfelt, life changing daimoku. Next week is the November General Meeting with food and song and new will be incredible.

Ben's picture is all over the newspapers for coming in tenth at state. I swear, there's a huge article. He definitely WON! Aaron took his big organic chemistry test and thinks he did well...and I'm here with the luxury of having time to chant to my heart's delight...chanting in appreciation and knowing that I'll find the perfect place to live, and I'll be helping people to lose weight and earning a living at the same time. Today I cleaned right down to the dust bunnies in my Butsudan room...all the while saying: "I am clearing this space to make room for all the wonderful things coming into my life right now...I am clearing my space to welcome new energy and income and people into my life! Woohoo!

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